All About Yingtudubai(Totodubai)

In South Korea, online betting has become tremendously popular. Previously, many Koreans were hesitant to wager with unlicensed betting agencies and websites. Gambling while on vacation in another country was once considered a major felony in Korea.
In today's South Korea, different forms of betting are permitted. In authorized areas, you can wager on cycling, boat racing, and horse racing. Sports Toto and Sports Proto, two products of the state-run national lottery, allow limited kinds of sports betting.
But with gaining popularity there are plenty of safety issues in the betting sites that have surfaced and members of the betting community have trouble choosing a verified and trusted site to go ahead with betting activities. This is where the Yingthudubai test site comes in.
Totodubai’s Role: is a verification community that members can trust and use to find out reliable betting platforms throughout Korea. We advise betting platforms to the users after conducting a very rigorous verification process. These platforms can be used by the bettors with tranquility.

To be specific, the safety system that we use has two levels in particular and we have named it the deposit system. This system maximizes the safety of the site should money-based damages occur at our verified sites.
Verification Regulations on Totodubai:
1. Measurement of the operating period of the betting website:
The minimum time frame for a betting site to pass this regulation is being in operation for at least one year. The main idea behind this regulation is that the longer a website operates, the more it suggests that it is a stable website and trusted by bettors.
2. Measurement of the number of users per day:
As guarantors, only sites with more than 10,000 active users are accepted. The number of active users is an indicator of the site's reliability and appeal.
3. Calculation of the total number of new members:
The number of new members that join shows the capital power of the site. It also suggests the amount of promotion and funds that are necessary to bring in new members. All of this allows the capital of the site to be measured and the growth potential of the site to be tracked.
These regulations help us in deciding which betting websites should be shortlisted as those which can be used by people in the betting community without any hesitation or fear of monetary damage.

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